Countdown to Episode 13
In this week’s episode we hear from Cathy who invites you to a
gong bath specially recorded for the Dragon Café.
Click the picture to visit and enjoy!

Our outro music came from Mbolo Percussion which you can check out here

Welcome to our 12th episode – We’re excited to welcome Art Works to the Virtual Dragon Café

Due to family commitments we are having to deliver slightly differently this week so we have pre-recorded the show and it will be available as usual at 3 0’clock; the main difference will be, as it is not streamed, unfortunately there will be no ‘chat’ available today. During the show Ariella and Renzo ask you to comment in the ‘chat’ with your favourite dance sequences so feel free to write your comments to me, and I will be happy to pass those on. Enjoy the show!

As promised here’s a link to Stafford’s version of Live Forever
as mentioned by Ariella and Renzo in this episode –
it turns out it was all the way back in Episode 3!

Declan also mentioned Ian’s latest Good Moves video,
“Study The Classics” which you can find here.

As mentioned in the broadcast, starting on June the 22nd Helen is offering singalong for elders for the price of a phone call!
Here’s the details

If you’d like to check out Ian’s Good Moves videos as mentioned by Declan in this week’s show click here

We had a little unscheduled reprieve of last week’s Dance session so if you’re watching the playback you might wish to skip the section from 15 to 23 minutes. Apologies!!

Episode 5 was a victim of the Gremlins this week! The internet decided to fall over during dance which was a real shame but this is now the repaired version with the dance section restored to its full glory!

Episode Four Links

Just wanted to acknowledge the photography of Next Observer whose flowers I adapted to open our show, you can see them in all their glory here

And the song we ended with is Mr Follow Follow by Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Watch Ian’s latest Good Moves video here

Episode Three Links

Watch Ian’s latest Good Moves video here

You can find a whole series of Anthony Fidler’s ‘Walking into Mindfulness – Tai Chi & Qi Gong Foundations’ videos here – a great resource!

And here you can find out more about Narativ

Here are some links from Episode 1:-

If you interested in joining in with the upcoming Narativ sessions, you can email Dan @ or Jane @ or you can write to Declan for more information.

Also you can find Ian’s Good Moves videos here on the Mental Fight Club’s Vimeo page.