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Seeing Sounds

Seeing Sounds

Following Mike and Shelley’s lovely post featuring the Thomas Hardy poem, ‘The Darkling Thrush’, I posted the song of the song thrush as the Song of the Week. Birds live at a much faster pace than we do so when we listen to birdsong we perhaps miss the detail that birds themselves can hear. One […]

An Evening In June

An Evening in June

Inspired by the lovely sunny weather and the gradual easing of lockdown, as the next track in the ongoing Dragon Cafe Musical Sequence, Shelley and I thought you might enjoy this little known track by Van Morrison. It’s taken from his 2003 album called “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” There are no real surprises and […]

Throw Some Water In – 2

84-year-old Lee “Scratch” Perry (aka the Upsetter) is a Jamaican record producer and singer noted for his innovative studio techniques and production style. Perry was a pioneer in the 1970s development of dub music with his early adoption of remixing and studio effects to create new instrumental or vocal versions of existing reggae tracks. He […]

Throw Some Water In – 1

Lee Scratch Perry

Shelley (from the kitchen) and husband Mike, particularly liked this week’s Song of the Week … “Throw Some Water In” by Lee ‘Scratch‘ Perry. It offers good, timely advice on car, body and garden maintenance … Although we weren’t too sure about “drink some fish tea” towards the end of the song. Yuk! Here are […]

S & G Covers – 2

First Aid Kit consists of the sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg … a Swedish folk duo from Enskede on the outskirts of Stockholm. They both attended the International English school of Enskede and had mostly American teachers, which probably accounts for their strong American accents. In 2015, they were nominated for a Brit Award as […]