All Dragon Café patrons are warmly invited to be part of our collective blog, the Conversation, where you can share your thoughts, poems, stories, pictures, music and videos.
Looking for inspiration? Every week we will post a creative project that we can all get involved in, click here for this week’s Inspiration

Getting Started

To start posting in the Conversation you first need to register; luckily it’s really easy to do!
Look for the Log in/Register section; it looks like this:-

Click “Register” and this screen will open up

Fill in the required fields with a Username, your own name and email address (your email address is never shown publicly).
When you get to the password you can either use the strong one that is automatically generated (be sure to make a note of it) or you can just erase that and use your own.
Once you click “Complete Sign Up” you will see a note telling you your account has been created and that an activation email has been sent. It can take a while to send this out but when it does eventually arrive just click the link and activate your account.
Now you are ready to start posting!