While we can’t physically get together at the Dragon Café we can still put our minds and hearts together and share our creative responses here in the virtual world. Just as we would get involved in workshops and activities every Monday at the café, we are going to invite you each week to contribute to a collective project that hopefully will keep us together and in touch over these coming weeks.

And for this week…..

Drawing with Natural Inks

Art Works came to The Virtual Dragon Café and Li showed us how to make inks from natural products you can find in any supermarket – you can have a look at the broadcast here.

It would be great if you could share any artworks that you make using natural inks either by posting here in the Conversation or getting in touch with Li at li@mentalfightclub.com. Pat has already shared her results here and you can check all the recipes here

Connect with Nature

Lockdown for London wildlife has meant many changes. Fewer humans about has allowed wildlife to roam into areas previously closed to them; I recently saw a family of foxes, a mother and four cubs sauntering up a King’s Cross Road, major A road! It’s also had adverse effects; less lunchtime leftovers in park bins for crows to raid, for example.

A lot of people have noticed how the quieter streets have made them more aware of bird song, and a positive outcome for those with self isolation time on their hands has been that they have had a break from busy lives that has allowed them to appreciate the nature around them.

What has your experience been? Share your stories, pictures and sounds on our collective blog, the Conversation.

And why not attract more wildlife to your area with a bottle bird feeder – it’s really easy to make and you could even adapt it to hang from a window if you don’t have access to an outside space. Click here to see a video on how to make it or click the picture above to see other links for feeders, as suggested by Eve of RE:CREATE Psychiatry.

Window Sill Gardening

Carrots, radishes and peppers that I have grown from seed starting 5 weeks ago.

Growing vegetables and herbs on your windowsill is really easy and joyful. You can produce food for free by ‘re-growing‘ offcuts from shop-bought vegetables and herbs or plant your own from seeds. The resulting food could save you money as well as giving you lots of pleasure watching your plants grow.
Have fun and share your pictures and stories . We can’t wait to see photos of how you are getting on!

Here’s a few links to get you started – click each of the pictures to see some ideas.


…. and we would still love to see your 3 minute sketch

3 Minute Sketch

Create a quick sketch of a plant or tree. It could be a plant growing on your window sill, a tree in the nearest green space or it could be from your imagination. Colour it at home and then share a photo of your piece here, or hang it in your window for your neighbours to enjoy!

You could have a look at David Hockney’s vibrant garden drawings for some creative inspiration https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-52109901.

To find out how to add your picture, click here