How to post to the Conversation

Now that you have registered (click here if you haven’t already) you’ll want to get going on adding something to our collective blog.
First, find the login section and enter your username and password.
You’ll see this screen

Click ‘+ New’ and select ‘Post’

You’ll see a new page all ready for you to enter a title – then click below that and start writing!
You may well want add an image – to do that, click the plus sign at the top left of the page and choose the image icon. You are then given the choice to upload an image from your computer, use an image that is already in the media library or use an image thats already published on the internet by entering its URL.

You’ll probably want to go for the first option and upload a picture from your computer. Once it’s uploaded you can use the blue dot to resize it.

…or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can use the toolbar at the top of your picture to change the block type to Media and text which allows you to run the text by the side of the image

By using the plus sign at the top you can add other media like audio and video and more – have fun and explore!

As you go along don’t forget to save by clicking at the top right of the screen.

click this to see what your post will look like

when you’re happy with what you see click this

and then click this to send it on its way!

Your post won’t go public straight away but will be reviewed as quickly as possible and will then be published to the top of the blog and you will receive an email to let you klnow.