Following Mike and Shelley’s lovely post featuring the Thomas Hardy poem, ‘The Darkling Thrush’, I posted the song of the song thrush as the Song of the Week.

Birds live at a much faster pace than we do so when we listen to birdsong we perhaps miss the detail that birds themselves can hear. One way we can experience some of that detail is to slow it down. I’ve always been fascinated by this idea ever since I heard someone on the radio do it to a wren’s song which, at normal speed, is a crazy cascade of sound but when you slow it down it become mellow flutey phrases

I thought you might like to see/hear the same recording of the song thrush song, but here slowed down five times. The squiggles are representations of the sound, the stronger sounds are red and weaker sounds are blue – when you see a red line, that is the root note and when it has various parallel blue lines above it, they are harmonics of that note. When you see two or more parallel red lines the bird is singing a chord!

If you don’t fancy listening to the whole thing you could jump to about 5 minute 10 seconds where you can hear what sounds like a car alarm being set followed by a someone practicing on a piccolo!