Dear patrons and friends, it’s been so special to be able to chat and dance with you via the virtual dragon cafe platform during these past 4 months, directly from our living room to yours! and we hope we’ve all kept busy and strong 🙂 We’ve got 2 more sessions before the August break with some of your favourite dances ready to go! Also, we are doing a live session on zoom hosted by Jacqueline for The Dragon Cafe In The City on Wednesday 22nd July at 4pm. We hope to see you there and dance together again. A big hug from us both and let’s all keep dancing, singing, making art, writing, reading, eating well, dressing up, knitting, being creative, hugging trees and spending time in Nature and the outdoors, enjoying the long days and the sun, being in touch and loving! Thank you all for the pleasure of dancing with us xxx Ariella & Renzo