Many thanks to Lu for introducing us to Delila Black – What a brilliant track and an equally captivating video to accompany it!

Shelley and I were looking for a follow-up track in the ongoing Dragon Cafe Musical Sequence. The first band that sprang to mind, due to the similarity in the video, their equally distorted guitar sound and the simple White Stripes style percussion was the Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club.

Like DeLila Black and her band, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is also a trio. They hail from San Francisco and were formed in 1998. The name apparently comes from Marlon Brando‘s 1953 film “The Wild One“.

Our favourite tracks are “Little Thing Gone Wild” which has a similar video and their biggest hit, the growling, menacing, Strangler-Esque “Spread Your Love“.

Even if you have never heard of the band before and even if you are not particularly keen on their music, you should nevertheless check out this inspirational article about their drummer Leah Shapiro and her struggle to recover from life-threatening brain surgery.

Among many other things, Leah talks about how she felt when she was told that worldwide fans of the band had all clubbed together to pay for her life-saving surgery.