Inspired by the lovely sunny weather and the gradual easing of lockdown, as the next track in the ongoing Dragon Cafe Musical Sequence, Shelley and I thought you might enjoy this little known track by Van Morrison.
It’s taken from his 2003 album called “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

There are no real surprises and no fillers on the album. Just lots of Van’s well-known blend of traditional Celtic jazz, blues and soul with 13 really good, solid, warm, affectionate tracks, sounding as though they were a labour of love for him to play.

Watch out for the cool clarinet break about halfway through just after Van’s alto sax solo. It features top 60’s jazzman Mr Acker Bilk of “Stranger on the Shore” fame.

We love the video too and must make a mental note to stick it on full-screen, auto-repeat when we have to dig the coats and jumpers out again and the dreaded Seasonally Affected Disorder rears its ugly head.

So what are your favourite Summer songs? Please feel free to comment below or maybe let us all know your top 3.