I am very pleased to see that people are posting to this Music Sequence, almost on a daily basis. It was a really good idea Gordana – Well Done!

If you want to take part, the connection can be as obvious or obscure as you wish … Same general topic, the same year, same style / artist / group / label etc. … How about a great cover version/remix of the same song. It can be any decade or genre.

If the connection is a bit obscure or amusing – You might like to say “Hi!” and add a couple of sentences of explanation. Up to you! You could even challenge the rest of us to work out the connection. Now there’s an idea!

The latest suggestion from AntiJen was “The Powers That Be.” This is the 4th track on “Radio K.A.O.S.” … the 2nd solo studio album by former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters.

The artwork for the album is a series of Morse code dots and dashes with sentences in green, imprinted on a black background.

They spell out the name of the artist and the album along with the names of five of the tracks.

For today’s track in the Music Sequence, I was very pleased to find a fully digitally restored version of the ridiculously catchy 1979 B52’s track “Planet Claire“. This, as you will see and hear, also features Morse code. Enjoy the track… and please feel free to join in sometime!