Mental Fight Club is inviting people to get involved in its new At The Table Project exploring different drawing techniques.

This project will consist of four hour long participatory workshops with the acclaimed artist Liz Atkin, who’s lived experience plays a pivotal role in her artistic process. To ensure that this opportunity is accessible to everyone, The Dragon Café will provide free art materials for all participants of the sessions.

Liz Atkin is a visual artist and creative practitioner based in London. She teaches art, set design and drama to all ages and abilities, and works in therapeutic and educational settings such as schools, hospitals, arts organisations, and universities.

Dates and Sessions
All sessions will take place at 11am and last 50 minutes.
21st DecemberShading Techniques – building understanding of shape, line and form in our drawings. Starting to work from observation.
11th JanuarySoft Pastel Techniques – using everyday objects in the home, brought to the table. Using dry pastel and wet pastel techniques for painterly approach.
25th JanuaryCharcoal Texture – working from imagination and automatic writing to build in personal narrative.
8th FebruaryMixed Media – a lively session expanding on skills and using a combination of materials, a range of markmaking techniques, reflecting on own experience, observed surroundings, creating drawings on a larger scale.


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