Announcing the appointment of our new Managing Director

 Announcing the appointment of our new Managing Director

Dear Patrons and Partners,

Mental Fight Club (MFC) is pleased to announce that Nora Maddock has been appointed as the Managing Director of the charity. She starts on 17th July 2018, and will begin a programme of introduction to MFC projects.

Patrons, staff, and partners may know Nora from her time volunteering in The Dragon Café kitchen and her recent involvement in other MFC projects. She has previously worked as a Project Manager at the Wellcome Trust.

The recruitment process has involved support from a recruitment agency and advice from external partners. A job advert invited expression of interests and the MFC Trustee Board decided who to invite for interview based on the skills required for the role. The interview panel consisted of an independent expert in the health sector and three MFC Trustees.

There is a lot of work for Nora and the staff and volunteer teams to achieve across MFC projects.
Please give them your fullest support.

MFC Trustee Board

Mental Fight Club