3rd September 2018

This Month at The Dragon Café – Process

Writing about Writing & Film about Memories, this Monday from 12 – 8.30 pm at The Dragon Café.
Welcome back everybody after our Annual August Break! A new Dragon Year and we continue to explore how creative mediums can help us understand ourselves and one another.  This month we take a look at Process and gain insight on how works of art and expression are created.

Enjoy a day of activity and then join us in the evening for Writing to Fight in which Vanessa Bray will share her performance piece that has been developed in collaboration with members of our Writing-Works group – of which Vanessa is also one. This will be followed by a screening of Memories – There’s Always Tomorrow, a short film by Anna Bowman about the same-named exhibition held earlier this year at the Gallery at the St Pancras Hospital. Co-curator, and former Dragon Cafe team member, Jill Rock will join us to add depth to a discussion of film and exhibition.

Sonnet Sunday at Shakespeare’s Globe
Sunday 2nd September, 5 – 7 pm

Our wonderful Dragon Café Singers will be getting a head-start on us with a performance at Shakespeare’s Globe on the Southbank this Sunday.  Led by Vivien Ellis, accompanied by Dragon musicians and working with Community Concert Director Athena Stevens, our Singers will perform a Shakespearean sonnet during the 5-7 pm part of the day.  You can find out more about this amazing event, and see the range of ticketing options available here.

This Week At The Dragon Café

Dragon Cafe Programme-03.09.2018