3rd December 2018

This Month at The Dragon Café – Sounds, Songs & Stories

The Power of Mindful Touch – This Monday from 12 – 8.30 pm at The Dragon Café.
Touch is a delicate topic and one where your personal choice is of course of primary importance. We welcome Tamara Russell to lead a workshop at 7 pm focusing on how a gentle, mindful touch can have a transformative power. Throughout the afternoon between 12 – 6 pm you can sign up for a free fifteen minute massage or reflexology taster; and this week you can also enjoy movement at 4 pm with Dance-Works – Nia Technique that draws on dance, martial arts and yoga for a holistic workout.

Please also note, we will be open on Mondays 24th and 31st December between 12 – 6 pm so you can stay in touch with the Café and our creative community over the Christmas period.

This Week At The Dragon Café

Dragon Cafe Programme-03.12.2018