2nd March 2020

Growing Together – This Month at The Dragon Café

This Monday from 12 – 8.30 pm at The Dragon Café – Growing Together in the Garden and Storytelling
This month we have two fantastic collaborations developing our understanding of growing and storytelling. Monday will be the first of this month’s ‘Our Story’ series with Dan and Jane from Listening and Storytelling organisation Narativ. Discover and explore your own stories and find your confidence in sharing them. This gentle exploration of the Art of Personal Storytelling will take place over 4 two hour sessions at 2 pm – join us for any or for all. Each session will develop your mastery of the building blocks of a good story. Our first session will look at A Sense of Place – how to transport your listeners to another time and place through your powers of observation and description.

In the evening at 7 pm join Anton Rosenfeld from Garden Organic and ‘Give it a Grow’. This session will introduce you to the principles of organic growing. It will help you align your everyday growing activities to a healthier and more sustainable way of doing things. We will touch upon important topics such as which creatures are beneficial to your growing and how to encourage them into your environment. You will also get a chance to sow some seeds of heritage varieties and attractant plants to get you started for this growing season.

This Week At The Dragon Café

Dragon Cafe Programme-02.03.2020