28th January 2019

This Month at The Dragon Café – Start Well in 2019

Celebrating Storytelling – This Monday from 7 – 8.30 pm at The Dragon Café.
This Monday we’ll end the month with stories to inspire and entertain.
At 2 pm we welcome members of the Afrikan Heritage Writers Group performing pieces from their newly published anthology One Hundred Year Unheard as a part of the 2019 National Story Telling Festival. This publication is a collection of new poetry and prose based on the likely experiences of women of Afrika and the Diaspora, left behind when their husbands, sweethearts, sons, brothers and other male folk, went off to fight for desperate armies on one side or the other, of the First Great War. At 6.30 pm the storytelling will be in song with a wonderful Mood Movie that is guaranteed to raise your spirits – a modern British feel-good classic that I would definitely walk 500 miles to see!

This Week At The Dragon Café