26th March 2018

This Month at The Dragon Café – Hysteria – Contested, Popularised, Diagnosed.

Personal Body / Systemic Body: Heterotopias of mental health care – this Monday 12 – 8.30 pm at The Dragon Café.
This Monday in our final RE:CREATE Psychiatry event for Hysteria – Contested, Popularised, Diagnosed we will ask what role does space, environment, and setting play in the experience of mental health service use?

We will unpick the ways in which spatial hierarchies are deployed to enshrine roles and stereotypes within clinical settings, and ask what positive impacts can these spatial settings be made to have on the therapeutic encounter? All mental health professionals and those with lived experience welcome to an openhearted discussion that will include a workshop with Dr Laura McGrath, University of East London, and performances by The Dragon Café Singers.

Among our full day of wellbeing activities we will welcome fairer weather with the first of our Walking-Works at 12.30 – 2 pm. Join Jane from Narativ for a local stroll to stretch your legs, and open up your mind and senses to the pleasures of a journey on foot.

This Week At The Dragon Café