25th November 2019

Celebrating Performance – This Month at The Dragon Café

This Monday from 12 – 8.30 pm at The Dragon Café – A Poetic Evening
It is only right that on the week of William Blake’s Birthday (he helped put the ‘mental fight’ in Mental Fight Club) we embrace an evening of poetry with Three into One at 7 pm. Blake famously said that he saw a tree full of angels on Peckham Rye and so to be hosting The Rye Poets is even more fitting.

The Rye Poets – Helen Adie, Joan Byrne and Pia Goddard – are a trio who perform their potent combination of self-penned wit, wisdom and pathos in a unique ensemble style. They are rapidly gaining a strong following across London at festivals, in art galleries and in their regular residency at the Ivy House in Nunhead. They number among their fans Jeremy Kingston – former theatre critic of The Times – who said ‘The interacting delivery was something I’d never seen before – outside chorus work in some productions of Greek drama’.

This Week At The Dragon Café

Dragon Cafe Programme - 25.11.2019