19th November 2018

This Month at The Dragon Café – Sounds, Songs & Stories

Performance as Story – This Monday from 12 – 8.30 pm at The Dragon Café.
This Monday we have two fantastic performances using drama and song as mediums to understand ourselves and each other. At 2.30 pm we welcome back Vanessa Bray with an afternoon performance of her MA piece Writing to Fight – collaboratively constructed from contributions by our Writing-Works group, of which she has been a long-term participant.

At 7 pm we have A Story Through Song. Rachel Wegh had been working as a wildlife photographer, but within a couple of years of embarking on her dream job, she was afflicted with a chronic pain condition. Deciding to use her creative abilities to turn her experiences into songs, she has embarked on writing a musical called Pigeon: The Musical. Using the pigeon as a metaphor, we are taken through her world of change, forced to adapt to her situation and the environment. So what’s been stopping her? Is it just the pain or something more? Filled with songs, story, humour and pathos, it connects with those who have similar experiences and provides an understanding of the obstacles that can face many with invisible physical, mental and emotional pain. Still in it’s early stages of development and accompanied with her pianist and collaborator Austin Caffrey, Rachel will share some songs and her creative process with you.

This Week At The Dragon Café

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