15th June 2020

A Spoken Word Journey

We’ve enjoyed having Uncle Errol on our Virtual Dragon Café show the last couple of Mondays, and hope you have too. Errol McGlashan is a Dragon Café Patron, workshop facilitator and performer – voted Best Spoken Word Artist 2019 by The Poetry Awards – and you can find out more here.

Join Errol for a Spoken Word Session next Monday 15th June at 4.30 pm on Zoom (you can download this video call software here). You can expect some creative writing opportunities but also chat and performance from Errol too. All are welcome. To sign up contact declan@mentalfightclub.com

There will also be another fun, engaging, welcoming and live Virtual Dragon Café broadcast this Monday 15th June at 3 pm. Familiar faces, activities to get involved with and performances to cheer. Don’t forget that you can revisit all of the previous 9 episodes at any time on the link above.

All Dragon Café Patrons are also warmly invited to be part of our collective blog Connect. Share your writings, art, music and ideas and see what others have been inspired by too. There is already a fantastic selection to explore there, so do take a look!

You can Register on the Connect site homepage to get involved.

This week’s recipe from the Dragon Kitchen is Coconut Lentil Soup. Enjoy! Download/print a pdf of the recipe here.

There will be more updates each week and don’t forget to check out our social media too (Twitter and Facebook).

Take care everyone,
The Dragon Café Team