13th July 2020

Freedom in Film & Relaxation in Sound

Join us this Monday 13th July at 3 pm for another live Virtual Dragon Café broadcast which will include familiar faces, activities to get involved with and performances to cheer. We are delighted to welcome two guests who have been connected to the Cafe for many years and have creative invitations to share.

Chris Haydon founded community media specialists Community TV Trust [CTVT] over 20 years ago and has worked on film projects with The Dragon Café. We’ll be hearing about next week’s online Freedom Film Festival (14 – 17 July) which is a celebration of Freewheelers Theatre and Media Company’s film work over the past 10 years.

Cathy Eastburn will join us on the broadcast to give an introduction to her instruments that are used to create a meditative sound ‘bath’. Cathy has recorded a special relaxing and re-energising Gong Bath for the Virtual Dragon Café which will be available on our YouTube channel after the show at any time that works for you.

All Dragon Café Patrons are also warmly invited to be part of our collective blog Connect. Share your writings, art, music and ideas and see what others have been inspired by too. There is already a fantastic selection to explore there, so do take a look!

You can Register on the Connect site homepage to get involved.

This week’s recipe from Chef Chris is a delicious Coconut Cream Pie! Download/print a pdf of the recipe here.

There will be more updates each week and don’t forget to check out our social media too (Twitter and Facebook).

Take care everyone,
The Dragon Café Team